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Grata in Classibus Latinis!
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A warm welcome back is being given to lecturer, Philip Marshall, at the Centre for Catechesis & Adult Formation this November, as he leads the new Latin Programme with weekly, online evening classes.

Following the successful online Latin Summer School in July this year, the Centre is launching a weekly evening class, held on-line over zoom, for those wishes to take a Beginners Level certificate in the language. “Feedback from the Summer School was outstanding, with many students taking their first step in learning Latin,” Dr Amanda Orchard, Director of the Centre, says. “We were asked what the Centre was going to do next and so we are launching this weekly ‘night school’ for everyone who wishes to learn more.”

Philip Marshall, who designed and delivered the summer school, is returning to teach the weekly, 2-hour sessions, starting in November. “We have developed a distance learning programme, which is able to be delivered online, which we hope all students will find interesting,” he said. “Whilst we anticipate that some students will be particularly focussed on Church texts, this course provides a general introduction to the language which ensures everyone can participate and enjoy the classes, sharing their progress with others.”

Philip Marshall

Philip has a BA in Classics (1st) and an Masters In Late Antique & Byzantine Studies (Oxford). He is currently studying an MA in Theology at Durham University. His specialism is 4th and 5th century authors, in particularly St Jerome. Whilst at Durham, Philip co-taught the undergraduate Latin modules, providing additional support to those coming to the University without A Level Latin. He was also translator for a seminar series on Aquinas’ Commentaries. He has taught at Pembroke College, Oxford University as tutor to potential students from disadvantaged backgrounds to aid them in boosting applications to top universities.

After leaving Oxford, Philip taught at The Oratory School, Reading and then at Chavagnes International School as a Classics Teacher. He is now teaching Latin and Ancient History at Pimlico Primary as well as lecturing for the Centre this year.

“I am looking forward to teaching this new course over the next year,” Philip told us. “Our online approach provides opportunities for learning but also student interaction, discussion, sharing progress and lots of laughter! What more could you ask of a language course.”

More information about the course can be found on the Beginners Latin 1 course page. If you have any other questions, please contact the Enquiries Administrator, Linda Beirne, through the contact button below:

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