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In Newman's Footsteps...

'St. John Henry Newman’s Plea is
Fulfilled at his One-Time Home'

by Journalist and Maryvale Institute
Associate Lecturer,Joanna Bogle

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We are delighted to share an article on Maryvale Institute, published in The Catholic World Report, by respected Catholic journalist and Dame of the Order of the Order of St Gregory, as well as Associate Lecturer on the Ecclesiastical Bachelor of Divinity programme, Mrs Joanna Bogle.

The title of the article evokes St John Henry Newman's famous quote, "I want a laity...who know their religion...who know just where they stand...who know their creed so well that they can give an account of it. I want an intelligent, well-instructed laity", before praising how Maryvale has fulfilled his plea at his one-time home for the last 40 years. Mrs Bogle goes on to decribe how Maryvale continues to respond to Newman's request, adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic through online learning and more. She also encourages readers to discover more about the programmes now enrolling at Maryvale for 2021, from short courses such as the Catechesis on Marriage and Family (FE), to degrees in Philosophy and the Catholic Tradition, as well as in Divinity.

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