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Beginners Latin 1
Evening Course

Is this course for you?

The Beginners Latin course is for anyone interested in developing his or her own Latin language skills and understanding, particularly in relation to exploring faith based study and experience. The course includes a solid foundation in key areas of language structure and communication, with guided home study so theory is reflected in practice throughout the course. It is anticipated that students will have some basic knowledge of the language (perhaps through completion of the Maryvale Summer School 2021).

NB Students who have not completed a basic Latin introductory course can be provided with access to the 2021 Summer School recordings and materials at an additional cost of £50.00. Please contact the Course Administrator below to arrange this, if appropriate

How long is the programme?

This is a 1 year, part-time, distance-learning course, which is completed via a weekly 2hr lecture/teaching session complimented by additional activities and learning at home. Students will need to devote up to 4hrs of study time each week (including the 2hr lecture).

Programme information (content & structure)

This course utilises a course reader, Simplicissimus, which students are required to purchase or loan, in order to enable completion of lecture and at home activities. During the year, students will study the following:

  • Verbs in the present tense
  • People, places and things - Nouns
  • A change in perspective – present indicative passive
  • The art of description – adjectives
  • Where, when and how – adverbs and prepositions
  • A major mood swing – the subjunctive mood
  • Change and change again – the passive subjunctive
  • Perfect fulfilment – the perfect tense
  • Perfectly passive – the perfect indicative passive
  • Looking into the future – future indicative active

And more!

Additional course material will be provided throughout the year and be available on the student learning portal (Moodle).

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course students will be expected to:

  1. Read short passages of simple Latin with confidence;
  2. Understand simple texts based on the grammar and vocabulary set, produce very short texts using these resources and be able to elicit information from texts in advance of their level;
  3. Have some knowledge of the context and content of the Catholic Missal.


Assessment is undertaken in the form of end of Semester reviews/tests and a final test at the end of the academic year. This course is not accredited and therefore a formal examination is not set.

Students completing all assessment activities throughout the year, including the final test, will be awarded a Maryvale Certificate of Completion.

Learning Methods and Student Support

The course is carefully designed to give you a high level of support so that, even though you are at a distance, help is always at hand. Support is provided through:

  • Live weekly lectures for each module, available to students after the lecture to rewatch (on Moodle).
  • Course materials, which are written as ‘tutorials in print’.
  • Additional provision, guidance and information on Moodle.
  • Guidance on written work and assessments from academic tutors.
  • Opportunities for 1-to-1 tutorials for students throughout the course.
  • Access to monthly tutorials for all Centre students, where there is opportunity for prayer together as well as additional input from seminars and discussions with other students and staff.
  • Access to the Maryvale Institute research library throughout the period of your studies.
  • Student handbook.

Course Fees

Course Fees page

How do I apply?

Please contact the Course Director for further information:

Institute regulations and the complaints policy and procedures


If you have a disability or any long-term condition that impacts on your day-to-day life, please download the Accessibility Form, open and edit it in Acrobat Reader, and email or post the completed document to the Accessibility Coordinator (address included on the form), to ensure we can give you the best possible support during your course of study. Disclosing a disability will not be a factor in Institute’s decision as to whether or not to offer you a place on the course. However, it is important that the Institute knows if you have any specialist needs in order to provide you with appropriate support and facilities. This information will remain strictly confidential. For further information, please contact the Accessibility Coordinator by using the contact button below:

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