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Research Degrees (M.Phil & Ph.D) in Catholic Studies

Studying the Catechism

The Institute's Research Degree provision (M.Phil and Ph.D) is offered through Liverpool Hope University and offers supervision in programmes of research in the area of Catholic Studies, including history, literature, philosophy, spirituality, theology, Newman studies and religious education and catechesis. 

The requirement for entry to the PhD programme is a Distinction at Masters level. For the MPhil, the requirement is a Merit at Masters level.

For overseas students Grade equivalents to this standard will be accepted.

Those accepted for a research degree devote at least twelve hours each week to study.  The researcher will have the guidance of two scholars, knowledgeable in the chosen field of research and with experience of research supervision. Students must attend an annual residential school of about 14 days which includes a short period at Liverpool Hope University. This takes place in June each year.  Students normally complete their research within four to five years.

The degrees of Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy will be awarded after the examining scholars have been assured that students have an appropriate level of knowledge in the field and are thoroughly competent in the work of independent research. This is done by the examination of a thesis of appropriate length and a viva voce oral examination.

To discover more about the research activities of both staff and students at Maryvale, visit our Research Centre for Catholic Studies area, where you can read the latest Research Bulletin and also register to gain free and exclusive access to lecture recordings and other resources.

The application process:

  1. Application forms can be obtained from Maryvale Institute. There is an initial administration fee of £85 to be paid with submission of forms.
  2. The application will be reviewed by the Maryvale Research Committee and students who pass this scrutiny will be interviewed (by Skype if needed).
  3. Successful applications will be forwarded to Liverpool Hope University for ratification of registered status.

To make an enquiry to the Research Administrator, click on the Course Contact Form button below:

Student Feedback:

"The experience I had during my Maryvale years, of learning so many things and especially how to research, has been an indispensable foundation in order to become part of a community of professors and help teach and form our seminarians … I am very grateful for everything I learned, and the friendships formed at Maryvale."

PhD in Catholic Studies Graduate - February 2018

" Completing the research programme has allowed me to become a full-time faculty member for the Franciscan University of Steubenville… I believe that the research programme at Maryvale and, in particular, the expertise and leadership of Sr. Mary Mills, has allowed me to provide well thought-out criticism and guidance to the students I serve. Mary’s critique of my work was so good that it has left, similar to the Sacrament of Holy Orders, a sort of inedible mark on me! Obtaining the doctoral degree has also helped me to gain vital credibility in growing the Institute of Catholic Theology, of which I am the director. In addition to a variety of continuing education offerings, the Institute offers local, in-person support for online graduate students in theology and catechetics in the Franciscan University online programs. I am truly appreciative for all that the Maryvale Institute has given me."

PhD in Catholic Studies Graduate - February 2018

"From the beginning, I felt encouraged to step out and go beyond my own comfort zone in pursuit of a research topic I wanted to explore. I always felt that those advising me were trying to help me express what I wanted to do, not what they thought I should do. At the same time, if my ideas were untenable they said so and why. I also found that the accommodation at Maryvale was marvellous for me with my disabilities."

PhD in Catholic Studies Graduate - February 2018
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