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Congratulations Rev Dr Martin Onuoha

New Book Published by Maryvale Academic,
Rev Dr Martin Onuoha

Rev Dr Martin Onuoha with Cardinal Vincent Nichols

Warmest congratulations from all at the institute to Maryvale Academic, Rev Dr Martin Onuoha, on the publication of his new book, Life is Always Worth Living: Assisted Dying or Living?

Life is Always Worth Living

'What do our elderly, sick, and vulnerable need, help to die or help to live? It is a current and extremely passionate debate in the UK, the USA, and many countries - We need to think clearly about euthanasia. Is it good or bad? Should it be illegal or not? Assisted Living or Assisted Dying addresses these questions directly and openly. It does so in four different ways. Martin Onuoha examines the argument in favour and shows that they do not stand up to scrutiny. He does not deny the intensity of feelings aroused by euthanasia but warns against sentiment clouding judgement. Secondly, the book sets out the huge impact of legalising euthanasia which changes the character of medicine and hospital care, puts undue pressure on the infirm and elderly, and alters the understanding of human life. Here the book uses the careful and authoritative teaching of St John Paul II on the sanctity and given character of life. Finally, Martin Onuoha draws on his experience of those who are set on ending their lives and how they can be helped to change their mind.' More… (link to Amazon)

Rev Dr Onuoha has been a lecturer, tutor and examiner to the Ecclesiastical Bachelor of Divinity students at Maryale since 2013. In 2014, with the approval of Faculte Notre-Dame, Paris, who oversee Maryvale’s Pontifical status, he was appointed to the dogmatic theology faculty of the institute as one of the HIRS (Higher Institute of Religious Sciences) Council Permanent Faculty. He lectures mainly in Mariology, Ecclesiology, Creation Fall and Redemption, while assisting in other areas of theology. Fr Martin also combines his academic responsibilities with looking after the parishes of Our Lady and the Apostles, St Ambrose and St Vincent in Stockport.

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