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“ I want a laity ...who know their religion...
  who know just where they stand...
  who know their creed so well that they
  can give an account of it. I want an
  intelligent, well-instructed laity. ”
    ...St John Henry Newman

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“ These have been the most
  informative and enjoyable lectures
  I have experienced in a long life
  of attending lectures. ”
  ... BDiv Student

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“  Your formation will lead you
  to share your faith and bring
  others to experience the
  great mysteries you have tried
  to penetrate in your study, ”

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“ Maryvale has pioneered distance
   learning at pre-graduate and
   post-graduate level for many who
   would not otherwise be able to afford
   or maintain a course of study. ”

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“Be encouraged to cast further
  into the theological
  deep, so you will realise the
  openness and infinite nature
   of your call to study and
  be formed by the very
   Person you seek to study ”
  ...Bishop Robson

Over 30 Years’ Experience in Part-Time, Distance Learning in Catholic Theological Studies

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Current Courses

Maryvale currently runs a wide range of adult formation courses catering for all levels. There are 4 sections ranging from Catechesis and Adult Formation, Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels, to Research Studies...
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Find Maryvale

Once home to St John Henry Newman, Maryvale Institute is an international Catholic college, located at the heart of the Archdiocese of Birmingham (UK), which offers distance-learning courses to students all over the world.
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Oscott/Maryvale House

History of Maryvale

Maryvale has been in Catholic hands since the Middle Ages. Formerly 'Oscott House', it came to the Church in 1702 at the bequest of Father Andrew Bromwich. From 1794 to 1838 it was the home of Oscott College, the first Seminary to open in England after the reformation...
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St John Henry Newman's links to Maryvale

Newman at Maryvale

Offered to him and his community in 1845 by Bishop Nicholas Wiseman, St John Henry Newman adopted Oscott House (Maryvale) as his first Catholic home the following year. He went on to establish the English Oratory at Maryvale...
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All the information you need about contacting and travelling to Maryvale, along with contact forms to make general enquiries or to request course information...
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  St John Henry Newman's
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