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Maryvale currently delivers a range of Certificate and Foundation courses in Catechesis and Ministry, Chaplaincy Studies, New Testament Studies, Religious Education and the Teachings of Pope Francis. Most of our FE courses, whether of six months, one or two years’ duration, are supported by a series of online study days each year – mostly held on Saturdays. The exception is the CCRS course, which has study days on weekdays to suit the teachers who take part.

The Catechesis and Adult Formation courses are all level three, part-time, distance-learning courses, specifically designed to enable adults with busy family, work and parish responsibilities to undertake study.

Course participants study at home in their own time following specially written course books, which act as core reading, lectures, and tutorials combined, leading students to wider reading if they have the time and interest.

For each module, the student presents a piece of written work, which is assessed and returned with tutorial feedback and encouragement.

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Beginners Latin

The Beginners Latin course develops students' Latin language skills and understanding, particularly in relation to exploring faith based study and experience. The course includes a solid foundation in key areas of language structure and communication, with guided home study so theory is reflected in practice throughout the course. It is anticipated that students will have some basic knowledge of the language.

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Catholic Certificate in Religious Studies

This is a two-year course for trainee and qualified teachers, aiming to provide a basic qualification in Catholic Religious Education. It is in accordance with the requirements laid down by the Board of Studies of the Bishops' Conference of England and Wales and the Certificate is awarded with the authority of the Archbishop of Birmingham. The course consists of eight modules, four per year, and assessment is by a written assignment. Each module requires ten hours of contact time, so students attend a series of compulsory study days and tutorials.

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Certificate in Catechesis and Ministry

The Certificate in Catechesis and Ministry (CCM)* course aims to develop one's own faith for the sake of explaining it to others in any context. The course includes practical aspects of catechesis, as well as a solid foundation in key areas of theology and spirituality, so theory is reflected in practice throughout the course.

*The CCM course updates and replaces the Maryvale Certificate in Catechesis and Certificate in Parish Mission and Ministry programmes.

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Certificate in Chaplaincy Studies

The Certificate in Chaplaincy Studies (CCS)* course is delivered to those working in all areas of chaplaincy, or those interested in developing their knowledge and skills in the context of Chaplaincy and Ministry. The course includes a basic foundation in key areas of Catholic theology and approaches to Pastoral Care based on this foundation.

*The CCM course updates and replaces the Certificate in Catholic Healthcare Chaplaincy programme.

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Certificate in New Testament Studies

The Certificate in New Testament Studies (CNTS) course is designed to help those interested in developing their own faith and in seeking greater understanding and knowledge with regard to the New Testament. The course includes a solid foundation in key areas of New Testament theology and spirituality, and aims to ensure that students gain greater personal insight into the Gospels and other writings and could use this to further their participation in parish, deanery and work life.

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Certificate in the Teaching of Pope Francis

This five module course explores the breadth of insights in Pope Francis’ teaching, where in accessible language and vivid imagery, the truths of faith are presented as tools to authentic Christian living. Additional material from the Scriptures, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and selected magisterial documents are used to illustrate the consistency of the writing of Pope Francis with the teaching of Christ and the Church. Five modules are studied, each introduced by a webinar, and are assessed by written assignment.

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