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6th Canon John Redford Memorial Lecture
The Public Role of Catholic Theology
(Why Graduates Are So Important)

by Prof Gavin D'Costa
LIVE STREAM: Friday 16th October, 5.00pm
All Welcome

Redford Lecture 2020 flyer

Maryvale is delighted to invite you to the sixth annual Redford Memorial Lecture, which will take online on Friday 16th October at 5.00pm. The lecture is a tribute to the memory of Canon John Redford who died in 2013. Father John taught at the institute for over 20 years, serving at various times as Bachelor of Divinity (B. Divinity) and Masters (MA) Director, encouraging and supporting countless students on the Institute's undergraduate and postgraduate theology programmes, which he played a key role in developing.

This year, we're delighted that Professor Gavin D'Costa has agreed to speak on 'The Public Role of Catholic Theology'. Prof D'Costa is Professor in Catholic Theology at the University of Bristol, acts as an advisor on matters of inter-religious dialogue to the Catholic Church in England and Wales, and also advises the Pontifical Council for Inter-Religious Dialogue in Rome. His research interests include modern Catholic theology, systematic theology, theology of religions and aspects of philosophical theology related to religious pluralism.

If you're interested in attending the lecture through Zoom, you can either register with us through the online contact form or use the link below:

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