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Partnership With The Open University Renewed

Maryvale Institute Revalidated by
The Open University For 5 More Years

The Open University

Maryvale is delighted to announce that following an institutional review, The Open University has revalidated the organisation for provision of its validated Higher Education courses for a further 5 years. The panel was very positive about all aspects of the institute, commending it for:

  • The swift response to Covid-19 and the way that the Institute responded to both the current need for short-term action and longer-term change;
  • The success to date of the new online exam arrangements, and the confidence this provides for further roll out;
  • The engagement with colleagues from the Archdiocese in ongoing quality assurance and enhancement.

Dr Birute Briliute, Dean of the Institute, thanked the OU panel for their rigorous yet encouraging engagement with the institute, and for the interesting and fruitful exchanges that characterized the whole process. ‘It is pleasing to receive such positive feedback after this thorough critical evaluation, and it gives us even greater confidence in our efforts to maintain and develop our programmes.’

The Open University validates both the BA (Hons) Philosophy and the Catholic Tradition and MA in Catholic Applied Theology programmes at Maryvale:

  • The BA (hons) Philosophy programme, which enrols each January, is a part-time distance-learning degree that allows students to encounter those outstanding figures in the history of philosophy who are also major figures in the history of Catholic thought. The course also presents the Catholic tradition of philosophy to students as a living, dynamic reality, in critical and constructive dialogue with the other philosophical traditions at work in our contemporary culture. The course aims to engage Catholic students fully with the western philosophical tradition, to enable them to understand their faith better and so to contribute to the evangelisation of the culture in which they live. Further details can be found on the course page or by contacting us below.
  • The MA programme, which also enrols each January, is a part-time, distance-learning degree with pathways in Religious Education and Catechesis, Apologetics, Marriage and Family, Spirituality, and Faith and Culture. More details can be found on the course page or by clicking the online enquiry button below to request further information.

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