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Congratulations from all at Maryvale

Maryvale PhD Graduate Publishes New Book:
Rev Dr Daniel Cardó,
The Cross and the Eucharist in Early Christianity

The Cross and the Eucharist

Congratulations from all at Maryvale to PhD in Catholic Studies graduate Rev Dr Daniel Cardó, who has just published his latest book, The Cross and the Eucharist in Early Christianity: A Theological and Liturgical Investigation, based on his research while a student at the institute, through Cambridge University Press. Graduating from Maryvale in 2015, Fr Daniel is currently pastor at Holy Name parish and professor at St John Vianney Seminary in Denver, Colorado.

Fr Daniel was recently interviewed by Vladimir Mauricio-Perez from the Denver Catholic and among the questions asked:
"What was the seed of this book, what led you to research the Cross and the Eucharist in Early Christianity?"

Father Daniel Cardó:

"After I finished my master’s thesis, which allowed me to work on the theology of Joseph Ratzinger, I continued reading some of Ratzinger’s books, particularly those on the liturgy, when I was still the chaplain at Camp St. Malo in Allensapark."

"In doing that, I had a very profound personal experience. I had a moment of finding my vocation within my vocation, something reading Mother Teresa’s life helped me understand – but with immense differences, of course. With this experience I understood that what Pope Benedict said was absolutely true, and that I needed to take it seriously. One of the phrases that impacted me the most was: “The Church stands or falls with the liturgy.” There’s nothing more important than the liturgy. And I thought, “If this is true, I need to spend my energies as a priest mostly in trying to offer contribution for the sacred liturgy."

It was not a just an intellectual experience, but a very personal one. And the consequence was that maybe I needed to continue more technical studies in the liturgy. So, I found a distance program at the Maryvale Institute in Birmingham, where I obtained my doctorate, and wrote my dissertation on the presence of the Cross in the Eucharist from the 4th to the 8th centuries, which was a decisive period of dogmatic and liturgical development. This book was completed after three more years of rethinking and updating my dissertation, so they’re ideas that have developed over a period of eight years.

Extract reproduced with the kind permission of the Denver Catholic.
To read the full interview, click here.

For more information on Fr Daniel's book, visit Cambridge University Press.

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