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Congratulations to the Maryvale Class of 2020

Our Students Make Us Proud!
Congratulations Maryvale Graduates 2020

Graduation Group

For the first time in Maryvale history our students were unable to attend their official graduation ceremony, originally planned for Saturday 17th October 2020 at St Chad's Cathedral (Birmingham). These are extraordinary circumstances across the world, and this is not the celebration we would have wish for. Nevertheless, we would like to mark the achievements of our students in both Further and Higher Education.

Here are a few words of congratulation, celebration and some fond farewells from your Academics…

Archbishop Bernard Longley with graduates

“I am very mindful that due to the coronavirus pandemic restrictions we have been unable to gather this year so that we might recognise and celebrate the wonderful achievements of those who have graduated and received awards from Maryvale Institute. Though we cannot come together physically this year, these times remind us of how important it is that we continue to give thanks to God for the many efforts and all the hard work of the students and to thank all the staff and lecturers for all that they do in support of the Maryvale Institute. I pray that it might be possible for us to gather once again and celebrate the graduation ceremony as we look forward to next year and I wish all our successful graduates every blessing in their continuing apostolate.”
Archbishop Bernard Longley, President of Maryvale Institute

Dr Birute Briliute

“Dear Students!
Graduation Day is the culmination of a student’s hard work and aspirations for the future and usually, we celebrate it with a gathering of the graduating students and the faculty at our Maryvale Institute and at St. Chad's Cathedral in Birmingham. Alas, this year due to Covid19 the physical graduation ceremony is not allowed to happen, and we shall defer it until next year. Certificates and diploma supplements will be sent directly to graduating students. We hope to celebrate your achievements formally and joyfully when the Government Regulations allow it.”

Dr Birute Briliute, Dean of Maryvale Institute

Mary Killeen

“Congratulations to all the FE Graduates 2020! You can be immensely proud of your achievements and the formation which you have received through your hard work and commitment to your studies. This will enable you now to make an even more fruitful contribution to the Church's great mission of the New Evangelization. With our very best wishes.”
Mary Killeen STB, STL, FE Director

FE graduate

“Warmest congratulations to our 2020 Foundation Degree in Youth Ministry and School Chaplaincy Graduates! It's been honour and delight to have you all at Maryvale and we wish you much success in your new and exciting future in the field of pastoral and catechetical work in the Church and the World!”
Ausra Cane STL, Foundation Degree in Youth Ministry and School Chaplaincy Programme Leader

Fr Michael Cullinan

“I have been asked to send you my congratulations on your graduation. I warmly and enthusiastically do so. To gain a degree always deserves praise, to gain one having successfully fitted in the work amid the pressures of work and family life deserves even more praise, and it is a particular delight for us to see people graduating who might once never have thought that they would get to this day. You now have a mission to bring to our secular world the light and joy of the gospel and an awareness of the riches of our Catholic faith and culture. It is, of course, bitterly disappointing that we can't have a proper ceremony this year, in the presence of berobed prelates and professors - to say nothing of loved ones. It is, indeed, very uncatholic simply to post your diplomas to you. But we promise that when possible, there will be graduation ceremonies and graduation feasting again, and that you will be invited. Meanwhile I wish you all the very best. I have enjoyed your company very much and send you every blessing.”
Rev Dr Michael Cullinan, Ecclesiastical Bachelor of Divinity Programme Director


“Warmest congratulations to all philosophy students graduating this October! Although we cannot celebrate in person together as we had hoped, the brightness of your achievement remains undimmed and we nevertheless celebrate with you in spirit. As the new Programme Director I send you every good wish, pray God's blessing on your future, and hope you are able to mark this occasion in some special way.”
Dr Chris Wojtulewicz, BA (Hons) Philosophy and the Catholic Tradition Programme Director

Dr Stephen Yates

“The MA Faculty would like to congratulate this year’s graduates on the MA in Catholic Applied Theology. You all worked so hard and have reaped the fruits of your effort, commitment and prayer. We pray this success might encourage you to grow further in your knowledge and love of the Lord, and enable you to participate joyfully and fruitfully in the mission of His Church. Deo Gratias!”
Dr Stephen Yates, Master of Arts in Catholic Applied Theology Programme Director

PhD graduate

“Congratulations to all our PhD graduates! You did it! The world needs you, our Church needs you and we cannot wait to see what is next for each of you! As you graduate today, you embark on the next chapter in your lives. Some of you will go into academia or will work for our Church in different voluntary or employed capacities. You all leave Maryvale Institute the better prepared to address the diverse challenges and needs of the world and you are ready to transform it. This responsibility is daunting but now, more than ever, urgently needed. We all at Maryvale and especially your directors of studies and supervisors will pray for your success in the future and that all that you do will be filled with the grace of our Lord, His mercy and love.”
Dr Birute Briliute, Dean of Maryvale Institute and Director of Research Degrees in Catholic Studies

Hopefully, it is just the first chapter of a celebration that will continue in a bigger and better way in person next year!

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