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St John Henry Newman
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Many of you will by now have heard the news: Maryvale’s Institute of Religious Sciences has been given the approval by Archbishop Bernard Longley of Birmingham to resume recruiting students to its Ecclesiastical Bachelor of Divinity and Licence in Divinity: Pathway in Catechetical Sciences programmes. For the past couple of years, under the impact of Covid-19 and a substantial restructuring of our Institute, we were unable to accept new students. We are open for business again and would very much welcome any enquiry.
On our Ecclesiastical Bachelor of Divinity Programme, we are running a special ‘early bird’ discount of £100 for each year of study to celebrate our resumption of recruitment. Every student registering before 1 August 2023 will be entitled to this discount.
If you are interested, you can contact us through either of the contact buttons below for an information pack. I am also very happy to have a Zoom chat with you at a day and time of your convenience from Monday 19 June onwards. We can discuss the programme, how it operates and answer any questions you may have.
If you have already determined to study with us, then please contact our programme administrator for an application form.
Yours in Christ,
Deacon Dr Harry Schnitker, Obl.O.Ss.S.,
Admissions Tutor, HIRS; Director, St John Henry Newman Research Centre for Pastoral Theology,
Maryvale Institute,
Tel. +44 (0)7472363655


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