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Philosophy Director Dr Chris Wojtulewicz Co-Edits New Book
Meister Eckhart and Thomas of Erfurt:
Modism and the Philosophy of Grammar

Dr Chris Wojtulewicz Launches New Book

Meister Eckhart and Thomas of Erfurt: Modism and the Philosophy of Grammar is the latest book to be co-edited by our Philosophy Programme Director, Dr Christopher M. Wojtulewicz. This multilingual volume brings together a host of research into the relationship between these two figures from the great medieval city of Erfurt, Germany. Whilst Meister Eckhart is well known, Thomas of Erfurt is less known. Thomas was one of the last figures of the 'Modistae'—a group of speculative grammarians who believed that grammar and syntax intrinsically mirror the world. Heading towards the mid-fourteenth century, modism declined, resurfacing in later centuries in various ways. Thomas of Erfurt was particularly influential on the thought of Martin Heidegger, as Thomas' seminal work (the Grammatica speculativa) was wrongly understood at the time to have been written by Duns Scotus.

For a time, Eckhart and Thomas lived only streets from each other in Erfurt, an august city of learning. This volume explores the themes in their respective philosophical and grammatical views to look for signs of influence or disagreement between them. Full details of Dr Wojtulewicz's new book can be found on the publisher's website: Peeters Publishers.

Dr Wojtulewicz teaching

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