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The Order of the Most Holy Saviour
of St Bridget Presents:
Public Lectures by Joanna Bogle,
Respected Catholic Journalist and
Dame of the Order of St Gregory

Tuesday 21st January
and 18th February, 7.30pm
All Welcome

Mother Hesselblad Lecture Flyer

Mother Jaya and the Maryvale Bridgettines invite you to a short series of lectures to take place at Maryvale on Tuesday 21st January and 18th February from 7.30pm. The first talk will focus on the Foundress of the Order of the Most Holy Saviour of St Bridget, St Mother Elisabeth Hesselblad and her work for Christian unity, while the second will cover Mother Riccarda Hambrough and her acts of courage during the Second World War.

Mother Riccarda Lecture Flyer

We are delighted that the evenings will be presented by respected Catholic journalist and Dame of the Order of the Order of St Gregory, Mrs Joanna Bogle. Mrs Bogle also lectures on Apologetics for Maryvale's Ecclesiastical Bachelor of Divinity programme, which is validated by La Faculté Nôtre-Dame in Paris under the authority of the Holy See

The lectures will begin at 7.30pm at Maryvale House and open for all to attend. For more information, phone (0121) 3608118 or get in touch with Mother Jaya through the contact button below:

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