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Maryvale Institute Research Centre for Catholic Studies
Presents the 5th Academic Forum:
Deep Learning Theories in RE and Catechesis
by Mrs Ausra Cane STL

20th February 2020, 11.00am
All Welcome

5th Academic Forum Flyer: Mrs Ausra Cane STL

Join us on Thursday 20th February for the Research Centre for Catholic Studies' 5th Academic Forum, the latest in a series of triannual, public seminars by Maryvale academics. This time, Mrs Ausra Cane STL will be discussing Deep Learning Theories in RE and Catechesis


Mrs Cane lectures on both Maryvale's MA in Catholic Applied Theology and Licence in Divinity: Pathway in Catechetical Sciences programmes. She is also a lecturer in Education and Child Development at The Open University. Mrs Cane's current research focuses upon deep learning theories. For her practice-based project in this area Mrs Cane was awarded a Fellowship of Higher Education Academy in 2016. She is also interested in religious transformative experiences in a secular world where in some sacred spaces and places a person is enabled to reach the depth of human soul, reflect on the human condition, find meaning and encounter with the divine. Mrs Cane is interested in the creation of unexpected encounters, environments, spaces and places that are beautiful and rich in symbolism. These can open the doors into the depth of Christian thought and way of life for people who live in a secular context and who are disconnected or have never known the Christian tradition.

Attendance of the seminar is free and open to all, as is membership of the Research Centre for Catholic Studies. For further information, please contact the Research Administrator using the contact button below:

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