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Maryvale Institute is Proud to Announce the Launch of the
Research Centre for Catholic Studies

Research Centre

The new Research Centre is dedicated to supporting high-quality research projects through academic cooperation in studying the Catholic tradition and demonstrating the importance of Maryvale's contribution to cultivating knowledge in the field of Catholic studies. Furthermore, the centre offers a high standard research environment for those who want to open a dialogue and expand their academic excellence in areas relevant to the study of Catholic history, education, culture, theology and philosophy.

Dr Birute Briliute, Director of the Postgraduate Research Programme at Maryvale Institute says: “The research environment at Maryvale will continue to be enhanced by means of a strong programme of research events, including seminars by staff, research students and visiting presenters. Though much of the activity of the Maryvale Institute is currently given over to teaching and knowledge transfer, a majority of the academic staff at Maryvale identify themselves as engaged in research or scholarship. The new Research Centre will enhance the research environment for both staff and students. It will help to recognise areas in which Maryvale Institute has or wishes to develop research strengths and foster their development.”

The centre provides an Academic Forum which is conducted three times per year by a member of the centre to their peers at Maryvale Institute. Each forum is open to all and can be attended either in person or arrangements can be made for online access. For further information about the centre or to discuss opportunities to study with us please contact Research Centre Enquiries below:

To register for free access to audio streams of Research Centre for Catholic Studies lectures and other resources, get in touch with us through the contact button below, leaving your name and email address:

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