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Responding to Student Feedback

You Said, We Did

Every year, Maryvale compiles and publishes its responses to student requests and feedback...

You said: "Could the Catechism session in residential four be replaced with an interactive session on generating dissertation ideas?"

We did: "The session was developed and successfully conducted at the end of January 2021."

You said: "Could more time be given to tutorials at residential five?"

We did: "Increased tutorial time made possible via Skype/Zoom; planned into the annual schedule"

You said: "Use the third residential just for preparation for the oral exam?"

We did: "The three modules were scheduled into the first two residentials, to leave the third residential for oral exam prep."

You said: "Have built-in breaks after one hour on Zoom?"

We did: "Breaks were built into the programme for 2021."

You said: "Invite Supervisors to the student presentations during the summer school?"

We did: "Supervisors invited to the 2021 summer school."

You said: "Begin the Zoom sessions later, to accommodate students in the US?"

We did: "Most sessions in the 2021 programme start one hour later (3pm GMT)."

You said: "Provide access to materials and timetables before the residentials?"

We did: "Timetables made available 2 weeks before the start."

You said: "Evaluation forms do not include questions about the overall experience."

We did: "Evaluation forms were amended."

You said: "Provide a full overview of the calendar?"

We did: "Updated calendar made available on Moodle."

You said: "Could we have more of an explanation on the expectations of essays, how to reference, use of Moodle?"

We did: "Study skills session to be included in the next residential."

You said: "Could we have a session with the administrator at the first residential? (Scotland)"

We did: "Administrator provided an introductory session via Skype."

You said: "We need more resources through the VLE."

We did: "Moodle was introduced, replacing the previous VLE, improvement noted by students."

You said: "Please address the sound quality of Skyped lectures."

We did: "Lectures delivered via Zoom and GoToWebinar and sound quality much improved."

You said: "Could we have a practical demonstration of oral presentations?"

We did: "Group tutorial on oral presentations provided."

You said: "Inform us of the requirement for an oral presentation at an earlier stage?"

We did: "Students informed at first residential and reminded at second residential."

You said: "Could we have more time for group discussions?"

We did: "Lecturing format adapted, to include seminars with more opportunities for discussion."

You said: "The time management of students’ presentations could have been more strictly monitored."

We did: "Procedures reviewed and greater monitoring implemented for new academic year."

You said: "Tutorials can sometimes feel too short and rushed."

We did: "Longer time allocated for tutorials on residential 4.."

You said: "Could we have more practical examples in the study sessions?"

We did: "The study skills session now use more illustrative examples."

You said: "Could we have a copy of the notes used by the Lecturers?"

We did: "Notes from lectures now added to Moodle a short time after the residential."

You said: "Do I have access to the lecture recordings?"

We did: "Recordings are uploaded to Moodle within two weeks of the residential."

You said: "Could sessions be moved to allow for more shared experience and group support?"

We did: "All year groups on this programme now attend the same residentials, allowing for combined sessions and a more positive experience and support for those in lower years from those in higher years."

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