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Listening to Student Feedback, 2017

You Said, We Did:

Listening to Student Feedback, 2017

At Maryvale Institute, we're always seeking to improve the learner experience and value our students' opinions on how we can achieve this. In light of recent feedback, here are some of examples of how we have acted upon our learners' opinions:

  • You said: “could we have a seminar in contemporary debates in catechetics?” (Licence students)
  • We provided a seminar session in September 2016, led by students and facilitated by a lecturer.

  • You said: “could we have more time for preparation for the final oral exam?” (B.Div students)
  • We moved the final exam from December to January.

  • You said: “could we have more guidance and comments on our draft essays?”
  • Turnitin provides for two ‘check-up / tutorial’ points

  • You said: “could we have more lecturing on Biblical Hermeneutics and Catechesis?”
  • We invited Prof. Mary Mills to give an additional lecture at the May residential in 2016.

  • You said: “could we have more support for the preparation for orally-assessed modules?”
  • We provided targeted seminars focused on preparing for and delivering oral presentations.

  • You said: “could we have more contact with tutors between residentials?” (MA Students)
  • We have identified designated points of contact throughout the foundational modules on each pathway.

  • You said: “could we have more group discussion on study days?” (FE Students)
  • We changed the study days to a more discursive format.
  • You said: “could the order of modules be revised, to introduce Religious Education later in the course?” (CCRS students)
  • The order of modules was revised, introducing scripture in module 1 and moving religious education to module 8.

  • You said: “could catechetical methodology be more embedded across the programme?”
  • The catechetical methodology module was integrated into each module – i.e. each module now contains a practical methods of teaching component, rather than this be reserved for a separate unit.

  • You said: “could more single modules be made available for independent study?” (FE Students)
  • This has been done on many of the FE programmes.

  • You said: “please could you provide the first coursebooks and assignment questions for the following year before the summer break?” (B.Div students)
  • Coursebooks and materials for the fist module of years 2–5 were given out before the summer break.

  • You said: “could there be more pastoral provision at residentials?”
  • A priest has been made available for residential weekends.

If you're a student with feedback on your learning experience at Maryvale, please let us know:

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