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Maryvale provides a variety of support services to the Diocese of Birmingham

Archdiocese of Birmingham
Evangelisation and Catechesis Support

The Maryvale Institute began as the catechetical centre of the Archdiocese of Birmingham – a role that it continues to fulfil alongside its greatly expanded mission as a provider of further and higher education. The Church teaches clearly and consistently that catechesis and evangelisation are inseparably linked in a lifelong process of growing in faith (cf. General Directory for Catechesis nn. 60, 63).

In January 2013, Pope Benedict XVI reinforced this connection by transferring the responsibility for catechesis at the level of the universal Church to the Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelisation. This co-responsibility for catechesis and evangelisation is reflected in the organisation of the local churches, and in the Archdiocese of Birmingham it is assigned to the Maryvale Institute. Pope Francis in his first apostolic exhortation Evangelii Gaudium wrote that “in all its activities the parish encourages and trains its members to be evangelisers" (n. 28). Through its work and parish support Maryvale seeks to enable all the diocesan faithful to protect and hand on the faith we profess, the faith we celebrate and the faith we live.

Maryvale’s diocesan support has a particular focus on adult faith formation and supporting youth ministry, parents, teachers and catechists. An evangelisation and catechesis team is available to assist parishes in developing strategies for the new evangelisation and to work with volunteers to provide support for catechesis and faith development.

In addition to its courses at all levels, detailed on the website, Maryvale provides short courses, day events, and an advisory service for parishes and deaneries. It has collaborated in the production of resources to support parish catechetics and adult faith formation and offers a resource library to support faith formation throughout the diocese.


For evangelisation support:

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