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The Shrine of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Shrine of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Maryvale House is a place of pilgrimage and devotion as well as an educational centre, and the focus of that devotion is the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The story of Maryvale’s link with the Sacred Heart begins with Bishop John Milner who became Vicar Apostolic of the Midland District in 1803. He had a deep devotion to the Sacred Heart and when he enlarged the main chapel of the seminary/school, he built above the sacristy a small chapel in the Gothic style which became the first public shrine of the Sacred Heart in the British Isles. In 1814 Bishop Milner brought back from Rome a small panel of painted glass showing the Sacred Heart of Jesus as described by St. Gertrude; he set the panel in a window of the shrine and from that time onwards devotion to the Sacred Heart has been a key part of Maryvale’s life of faith and prayer. The shrine chapel is a beautiful place to pray and meditate upon the infinite Love and Mercy of God in the sacrifice of Our Lord Jesus Christ. All are welcome to visit and pray.

First Friday Mass

The first Friday of each month is traditionally the day of devotion to the Sacred Heart, so every First Friday a Mass is celebrated in the main chapel at 7.00 pm to honour the Sacred Heart. All are welcome to attend the Mass.

Novena and Pilgrimage to the Sacred Heart

Every year, for the nine days leading up to the feast of the Sacred Heart (the Friday after Corpus Christi) a Mass is celebrated at 7.00 pm . in the main chapel. This novena of Masses is celebrated by specially invited priests and bishops and attended every evening by many who want to bring their prayers and intentions to the Heart of Christ.

For details of these devotions to the Sacred Heart phone 0121 360 8118

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