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Dr Stephen Yates Attends IOTA’s Inaugural Conference,
the Largest International Gathering
of Orthodox Scholars in Modern History

IOTA Conference 1

UPDATE: Listen now to the stream of Dr Yates' lecture:
The Identity of the Resurrection Body With the Pilgrim Body, and the Significance of the Cult

From 9-12 January 2019, the inaugural conference of the International Orthodox Theological Association was held in the city of Iasi, Romania. The Conference involved several hundred scholars from over 40 countries and all six continents. It was the ‘largest and the most representative gathering of Orthodox Church leaders, scholars, and professionals in modern history’.

IOTA Conference 2

Papers covering a huge variety of topics were read and discussed at the conference, in a number of specialist groups. Dr Stephen Yates, the Programme Director for the Maryvale MA in Catholic Applied Theology participated in the conference along with many other scholars from outside the Orthodox communion. Dr Yates’ paper — The Identity of the Resurrection Body with the Pilgrim Body, and the Significance of the Cult of Relics: The Contribution of Sergius Bulgakov — was presented in the Philosophical Theology Group, and was extremely well-received. Dr Yates was subsequently invited onto the steering committee for IOTA’s Philosophical Theology Group, and will play a part in helping prepare the next conference, due in about four years’ time.

Dr Stephen Yates

The MA programme directed by Dr Yates enrols every January and is a part-time, distance-learning degree with pathways in Religious Education and Catechesis, Apologetics, Marriage and Family, Spirituality, and Faith and Culture. More details can be found here or by clicking the online enquiry button below to request further information:

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