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Future of Higher Education at Maryvale Institute

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Statement from Sophia Pain, Chair of Maryvale Council (sub-committee of the Birmingham Archdiocesan Trustees responsible for Maryvale Institute)

The Maryvale Institute (“the Institute”), as with other many Higher Education (“HE”) providers is faced with responding to the financial challenges caused by the pandemic.
As we hopefully begin to move on from the pandemic the Institute’s Trustees, that is, the Archdiocese of Birmingham Trustees, have had to consider how the Institute should respond to these financial challenges and to provide the necessary resources needed to manage it on a day-to-day basis.
Taking account of these factors the decision has been made, in agreement with the Institute’s Senior Management Board, to manage a phased withdrawal from the delivery of HE programmes, both under- and post-graduate. We will therefore be in a teach out mode going forward. This means that the Institute will not accept new students to the HE programmes, however, all our current students will continue to receive the same quality of teaching and student experience until their studies are completed.
Communication with our validators and our partners is underway. We are also working with some of our academic staff to explore the option of finding a new academic home for the Institute's HE provision.
We will of course keep you updated over the coming months as our plans are finalised. In the interim, the Trustees are grateful for all that the Maryvale staff, students past and present, have achieved over many years in developing and fulfilling the Institute’s mission.
We are also grateful to you for choosing Maryvale Institute to support Catholic education.

Response from the Academic Dean of Maryvale Institute, Dr Birute Briliute

I know you will all share my deep disappointment at this development. Maryvale and its mission, following in the footsteps of St John Henry Newman, has been close to my heart for 8 years, since I joined as the Programme Director for the Ecclesiastical Licence in Catechetics, and I am incredibly proud to have acted as Academic Dean, since the institute merged with the Archdiocese of Birmingham in 2019, and have been extremely privileged to have seen so many graduates pass through the doors of Newman’s first Catholic home.
I would like to thank the Archdiocese for its support and commitment to the teaching out of courses for all current HE students, allowing us to deliver the same high standards of teaching, assessment and support that we have always provided. HE students can be assured that their courses will continue. I can also say that we are currently in discussion with another institution to find a new academic home for our HE programmes, which will allow us to recruit once again and for our unique provision to continue, helping to fulfil Newman’s ambition for an “intelligent, well-instructed laity.”
St John Henry Newman, pray for us.

Frequently Asked Questions

‘Which Maryvale programmes do these statements apply to?’

The statements apply to all Higher Education (HE) programmes delivered by Maryvale Institute:

  • BA (Hons) Philosophy and the Catholic Tradition
  • Ecclesiastical Bachelor of Divinity
  • Licence in Divinity: Pathway in Catechetical Sciences
  • MA in Catholic Applied Theology
  • Research (MPhil and PhD) in Catholic Studies

‘I’m a current student on one of the HE programmes – what happens to me?’

You will have received a communication from your Programme Director. This will explain how your programme will continue to allow you to complete your award and how you will receive the same quality of teaching and student experience until your studies are completed. If you have any questions, please get in contact with your Programme Director.

‘What’s happening to Maryvale Institute?’

Maryvale Institute continues to supervise research students, to teach current students on HE programmes and students on programmes other than HE programmes. This will be the situation for several years. Discussions are taking place with suitable partners about a long-term future for Maryvale and its academic provision.

‘Will Maryvale Institute’s HE courses move to another provider?’

The institute is currently in discussion with another institution to find a new academic home for our HE programmes, which will allow us to recruit once again and for our unique provision to continue.

‘I’ve applied to join one of these HE programmes – what happens to me?’

You will receive an email/letter shortly, explaining what will happen next.

'I’ve been accepted on to one of these programmes but I haven’t started yet.’

You will receive an email/letter shortly explaining what will happen next.

‘I was thinking of applying to one of these programmes but haven’t made an application yet.’

If you are interested in pursuing one of our HE programmes, please use the contact forms on the website course pages to send your declaration of interest to the relevant Programme Director. We will keep your details on record and update you as soon as negotiations about finding a new academic home are complete.

If you are a current student and have any further questions, please contact your Programme Director. For all other enquiries, please use the contact button below:

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