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Attended by Maryvale HIRS Director, Rev Dr Michael Cullinan

Birmingham Represented at the Installation of the Archbishop of Paris

Mgr Michel Aupetit

I was very privileged to be able to attend the installation on the eve of the Epiphany of Mgr Michel Aupetit, the new Archbishop of Paris, in Notre Dame cathedral. It was also very special to note a familiar face in the procession of clergy. Fr Michael Cullinan from Maryvale Institute, was present representing Archbishop Bernard, as well as Maryvale, which has close associations with theological study in Paris.

The new Archbishop has succeeded Cardinal André Vingt-Trois, who retired due to failing health. It was his predecessor, Cardinal Aaron Jean-Marie Lustiger, a convert from Judaism, who set up the ‘École Cathédrale’ on the left bank of the Seine in the former monastery buildings of ‘Les Bernadins’. As well as providing courses for seminarians, clergy and lay people in Catholic theology and philosophy and many related areas, this vibrant centre also offers lunch time lectures and conferences on art and music. It is hugely successful.

Fr Cullinan, whose illustrious academic career includes doctorates in Mathematics and Moral Theology, is the Director of the Higher Institute of Religious Sciences at Maryvale. He is the Director of the popular Baccalaureate in Divinity programme, which, together with the Licence in Catechetics, is validated through the relationship with the Ecclesiastical Theology Faculty Notre Dame de Paris, École Cathédrale. It was therefore very fitting for Fr Cullinan to be present, and an opportunity to touch base with Father Jacques de Longeaux, President of the Faculty, who attends the Maryvale Awards Ceremony in Birmingham in the autumn each year.

Rev Dr Michael Cullinan

The new Archbishop of Paris previously served for nearly four years as Bishop of Nanterre, which lies to the west of the central area of Paris. Ordained in 1995, Mgr Aupetit worked for twenty years as a doctor prior to his formation for the priesthood. His interest and expertise in issues of bioethics are widely acclaimed, particularly given current scientific developments.

Janet Mellor

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