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Share Your Memories: History of Maryvale 2021

The The Friends of Maryvale are excited to be supporting the update of the Maryvale History Booklet in 2021. The update will focus on the achievements of the Institute throughout its 40+ years as an institute of further and higher education, and adult formation at all levels. A history of Maryvale was first produced in the 1970’s and then updated during the 1990’s. Much has changed since then, and more details are also available about the time St John Henry Newman spent at Maryvale and his thoughts and ideas regarding adult catholic formation and education. It is hoped that his comments, together with input from current and previous students, staff and friends, will provide an engaging, interesting and enjoyable update to all those with an interest in Maryvale and all that it represents across the world.

If you'd like to take part in the project, have photos or memories to share, please complete the form below:

For further enquiries, please contact Dr Amanda Orchard:


  1. The History is expected to be completed by the end of April 2021.
  2. Interested parties will be issued with a form to complete about their experience, participation and thoughts on Maryvale.
  3. Any relevant photos or other items (for copying) are welcome.
  4. The Friends of Maryvale seek to support the work of the Institute, both financially and in other ways. In the past few years they have provided finance for student bursuries, a new cooker for the Sisters and are now supporting the writing and publication of this history.
  5. Details of membership can be found on the Friends of Maryvale page.

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