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Graduation 2019
St Chad's Cathedral, Thursday 7th November
Frequently Asked Questions

Maryvale Institute Graduation Ceremony

Congratulations to all of our graduands, we look forward to celebrating with you at St Chad's Cathedral on Thursday 7th November. A set of instructions will have been sent to you in the letter inviting you to the ceremony, please refer to this letter for details of: the location and timing of the ceremony, when and how to order and collect your gown, and so on. To help you to get the most out of the day, please take a look through the list of frequently asked questions:

How many guests can I bring?

Each graduand may bring up to 10 guests. It helps enormously if you can let us know in advance how many guests you will be bringing with you, particularly if you all intend to visit Maryvale after the ceremony.

Can I bring young children in buggies or pushchairs?

Yes you may. The ceremony is a family event, not just celebrating the students’ achievements but also recognising the support given to the students by their families and friends. Both the Cathedral and the photography rooms may be accessed on the level, but please note that there are steps or an incline to move between the two.

Why do I have to be there so early?

As you can imagine, getting all the graduands properly robed, photographed, briefed and lined up in the correct procession order can take time and organisation, and would not be possible without everyone arriving in plenty of time.

Can I turn up on the day (without responding to my invitation to the ceremony)?

No. The ceremony requires very detailed planning. If you turn up on the day without informing us in advance, we cannot guarantee you a place in the ceremony, your name may not appear in the order of service and therefore will not be announced, there may not be a robe available for you and you may not be able to participate in the procession.

What if I have said that I will attend and then find that I can’t?

We will miss celebrating with you. Please advise us as soon as you know that you are unable to attend so that seating, procession and announcement plans may be amended. Arrangements will be made to send out your certificate to you.

If I can’t make it, may someone else collect my certificate on my behalf?

Only by agreement of Maryvale Registry and with plenty of notice. This person would sit in the congregation until your name is called, although they would not be able to join the procession.

How will I know what to do, where to stand etc?

A member of the Registry team will be in the photography room (Grimshaw Room) who will give you instructions. Please listen carefully to her briefing and be ready to stand in the order she gives you; the procession and seating order in the Cathedral will rely on you standing as she requests.

Can I sit with my family?

No. Family and guests form the congregation, while graduands process to the front of the Cathedral to make it easier to go up to collect their certificates.

I’ve made a really good friend on the course, can I sit with her/him during the ceremony?

Graduand names are set out in the programme in a specific order. The seating arrangements relate to that order and your movements from the pew to the sanctuary and back are carefully choreographed to avoid confusion and people tripping over each other. There will be plenty of opportunity to mix with other graduands both before and after the ceremony.

What if I have mobility issues or difficulty with steps?

Let us know and arrangements can be made. The conferring guest can come down to the bottom of the sanctuary steps to confer your award and separate arrangements may be made for robing and photography if you find access to the robing room difficult.

How will I know when to go up to collect my certificate?

A member of the Registry team will stand at the end of your pew and will indicate clearly to you when to move.

Are refreshments provided at the Cathedral?

We do not have the facility to provide refreshments at the Cathedral. There are, however, many places within 2 to 10 minutes' walk of the Cathedral, in the recently re-vitalised Colmore Business District. The Holiday Inn across the road from the Cathedral sells tea, coffee and other drinks at their bar and many other cafes, restaurants and bars can be found on the walk to Cathedral Square; please refer to the map and guide below.

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