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Maryvale has a supportive Friends organisation, open to all

The Friends of Maryvale

Friends of Maryvale

The Friends of Maryvale exists to provide opportunities for all those who support the mission and ministry of the Institute and House to pray for, to promote, and to participate in the important work of Maryvale. It is an association providing contact with former and current students and staff, but it is also for friends of the Bridgettines and devotees of the Sacred Heart shrine: indeed for all who love Maryvale!

The Friends is an independent association formed in 2003 and governed by a Constitution.

The aims of the association are:

"To support the vision and mission of Maryvale Institute and to promote links and connections among those who have an affection for Maryvale."

The benefits of membership are:

  • Regular updates about the work of the Institute
  • Remembrance in the daily prayer at Maryvale and a monthly Mass for Friends’ intentions
  • Invitations to Friends' events
  • Invitations to Institute events

Funds raised through membership and personal donations enable the Friends to make donations to Maryvale Institute, for intance to the Students Bursary Fund.

Each year the Annual General Meeting is held in autumn and there is a Day of Recollection each spring.

Annual Membership costs £15 per person per year.

Life Membership costs £100 one-off payment. (Also payable over 2 or 4 years, but see Important Notice below.)

To join online and pay your subscription in full by card please complete the Membership Application Form (below).

Important Notice

If instead you wish to pay by cheque, Direct Debit, Standing Order or in instalments please do not use this form, but contact the Friends by clicking on the "Contact Friends of Maryvale" button at the bottom of this page.

Membership Application Form

Annual Membership
Life Membership


After you click the "Submit" button you will be taken to a new page with a link to pay your subscription by card.

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Prayer Partners

Religious communities are invited to join the Friends as Prayer Partners. There is no membership fee; instead, you undertake to pray for the work of the Institute, its students and staff. If you are interested in becoming a Prayer Partner Friend of Maryvale please contact us by clicking the button below:

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