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Congratulations Rev Dr Martin Onuoha

Double Celebration for Maryvale Academic,
Rev Dr Martin Onuoha

20th Anniversary of Ordination
Publication of 2 Books

Rev Dr Martin Onuoha with Cardinal Vincent Nichols

Warmest congratulations from all at the institute to Maryvale Academic, Rev Dr Martin Onuoha, on the publication of both of his new publications and the 20th anniversary of his ordination. Marking the 20th year of his becoming a priest, Fr Martin has written two remarkable studies on the Mariology of Joseph Ratzinger (Benendict XVI), both published by Peter Lang UK on 31st December 2021.

Mary, Daughter of Zion; an Introduction to the Mariology of Joseph Ratzinger (Benedict XVI)

Mary, Daughter of Zion book cover

An original study of the Marian discourses of Joseph Ratzinger (Benedict XVI). It evinces Benedict’s ability to open new horizons in inherited teaching and new ways of understand it within the parameters of orthodox theology. This is particularly true in his theological understanding of Mary and the relationship of her to the Church. Fr Onuoha gives a succinct introduction to this Mariology, guiding us through biblical theology, Patristics, history of dogma, Christian anthropology, and some contemporary developments in Marian studies. More… (link to Amazon)

Cardinal Vincent Nichols:“This book is thorough, thoughtful, well researched and speaks to both heart and mind, for Mary is held in love by every disciple. Its reflection of the ‘yes’ of Mary is a key to understanding how she leads us, constantly, in our life of faith. Congratulations to Fr Martin Onuoha.”
Lucius Iwejuru, Bishop of Umuahia and Apostolic Administrator of Ahiara Diocese (Nigeria)"A welcome introduction to the Mariology of Joseph Ratzinger, this work is profound in content, elegant in style and exciting in its originality. The logic of its arguments is compelling and convincing. Its language is lucid and intelligible."
Mark Davies, Bishop of Shrewsbury"All of us who have benefitted from the theological work of Joseph Ratzinger and the teaching of Pope Benedict XVI will welcome Fr Martin Onuoha's exploration of his Mariology in all its depth and beauty. We are indebted to Fr Onuoha for bringing together and into focus the reflections of a theologian who became a pope and whose teaching will surely be an enduring legacy for the Church."
Professor Antonio Ducay (Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, Rome, Italy)"I have known Dr Onuoha since 2006. I have supervised both his Master's and Doctoral theses. I am not surprised that he is doing significant work in the academic field. Dr Onuoha not only masters profoundly Joseph Ratzinger's though, but also draws from it broad conclusions to illuminate different areas of theology, history and law. His book is certainly worthwhile."

Actio Divina: the Marian Mystery of the Church in the Theology of Joseph Ratzinger (Benedict XVI)

Actio Divina book cover

This book is a study of a significant nexus in contemporary Catholic thought that has not had the attention that it deserves and is particularly relevant to the Modern Church, especially in relation to Vatican II. It is a portrayal of Ratzinger’s discerning grasp of Vatican II Mariology and ecclesiology as a peritus of note during the Council’s sessions. Fr Onuoha lucidly sets out Ratzinger’s understanding of Marian theology as key to the Church’s self-understanding, which was the primary burden of Vatican II and still of the contemporary Church. More… (link to Amazon)

Cardinal Vincent Nichols"This book is an invitation to reflect deeply on the role of Mary in the mystery of our salvation."
Lucius Iwejuru, Bishop of Umuahia and Apostolic Administrator of Ahiara Diocese (Nigeria)"Rev Fr Martin Onuoha offers in this thoughtful and thought-provoking work a serious and comprehensive exposition of the theology of Joseph Ratzinger. Well researched, captivating in content and beautifully written, this book represents an important and rich contribution to Mariology and Ecclesiology."
Dr Robert Fastiggi (Sacred Heart Major Seminary, USA)"Fr Onuoha helps us understand how central Mary is to the theological vision of Joseph Ratzinger. This is a vision that is Christocentric, liturgical, and contemplative with Mary as the supreme model for all the faithful - men as well as women."
Professor Tracey Rowland (University of Notre Dame, Australia)"Fr Onuoha's presentation of the Marian mystery in the theology of Joseph Ratzinger and its significance for the resolution of the ecclesial crisis of our era is likely to become a classic work in the fields of Mariology, ecclesiology and Ratzinger studies."

Rev Dr Onuoha has been a lecturer, tutor and examiner to the Ecclesiastical Bachelor of Divinity students at Maryale since 2013. In 2014, with the approval of Faculte Notre-Dame, Paris, who oversee Maryvale’s Pontifical status, he was appointed to the dogmatic theology faculty of the institute as one of the HIRS (Higher Institute of Religious Sciences) Council Permanent Faculty. He lectures mainly in Mariology, Ecclesiology, Creation Fall and Redemption, while assisting in other areas of theology. Fr Martin also combines his academic responsibilities with looking after the parishes of Our Lady and the Apostles, St Ambrose and St Vincent in Stockport.

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