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One year course for those interested in formation for collaborative ministry in parishes

Certificate in Parish Mission and Ministry (CPMM)

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Who is the programme aimed at?

This course provides essential formation for all those interested in formation for collaborative ministry in parishes, both those already involved in parish ministries as well as parishioners who hesitate to volunteer their services without formation.

What are the entry requirements?

Completion of the application form and acceptance by the Institute.

How long is the programme?

This is a 4 module distance-learning course.

When is the next enrolment?

The Course begins every autumn, so enrolment is open now.

Programme information (content & structure)

The Certificate in Parish Mission and Ministry (CPMM) course consists of 4 modules, with specially prepared course books for you to study and learn at home. There are also two study days**, which provide you with interesting seminars, interactive discussions, and opportunities to meet like-minded people from different parishes, as well as the staff who will facilitate and support your study.

FE Programme Specifications

**In response to restrictions imposed and uncertainties raised by Covid-19, Maryvale Institute will conduct all study days online until 31 July 2021 in the first instance. The situation will be monitored and reviewed regularly for course delivery after this time.**


A written assignment is submitted for each module, comprising a short essay and a pastoral reflection.

Resources needed

  • A Bible
  • The Catechism of the Catholic Church
  • Access to the Documents of Vatican II

Course Fees

The level of course fees payable depends on whether you are a UK/EU or a non-EU student. Please ensure that you refer to the appropriate section on the course fees page.

How do I apply?

To apply, please download an application form.


If you have a disability or any long-term condition that impacts on your day-to-day life, please download the Accessibility Form, open and edit it in Acrobat Reader, and email or post the completed document to the Accessibility Coordinator (address included on the form), to ensure we can give you the best possible support during your course of study. Disclosing a disability will not be a factor in Institute’s decision as to whether or not to offer you a place on the course. However, it is important that the Institute knows if you have any specialist needs in order to provide you with appropriate support and facilities. This information will remain strictly confidential. For further information, please contact the Accessibility Coordinator by using the contact button below:

For further information

Further course information can be found by clicking here.

If you have any questions, please contact us either by making an online enquiry below or by calling 0121 3608118.

Student Feedback

"My studies for CPMM helped me to broaden my faith and my life. I never thought I would ever read and understand Vatican documents! Now I feel much more involved and understand what is happening within the Church."

FE Student - 2019 (CPMM)

"The CPMM course was undoubtedly a challenge. I kept asking myself, most of the time, what on earth drove me, at my advanced age, to try and meet it? The answer seems a little clearer now! The immediate reason for embarking on it at all was a great talk given by a previous CPMM ‘graduate’ in our church. She didn’t say it was easy, but she said persevering with it had helped give her confidence to take a lead role in facilitating various initiatives, including the popular and successful Alpha programme and a children’s group. She is a valued member of the steering group tasked with taking forward the outcomes of a ‘cluster’ plenary conference held in January of this year. The agenda of that inter-parochial conference was based on the notion, as promoted by Fr James Mallon in ‘Divine Renovation’, of parishioners and priests bringing their community from engaging in maintenance to promoting mission. It seems to me that what the cluster is already doing tallies closely with the aims and objectives of the CPMM course.

‘What’, you may ask, ‘Has all this to do with me personally? ‘Well, I think the process has been essentially one of consolidation and internalisation. I have no specific role assigned to me nor do I expect to be immediately given one. The usefulness of the course for me is that it assisted with providing a deeper considered understanding of my role as a follower of Jesus. CPMM encourages me to ‘go forth’ with some confidence alongside my brothers and sisters armed with a message of eternal love, peace, hope and joy. I have gleaned from the course that the ‘gift’ is offered freely to everyone regardless of their ethnicity, their family background, their socio-economic status, their age, their natural abilities or their current state of mind. I believe the message has to be lived out in all that I do and say without undue ‘preachiness’, CPMM has been a kind of revelation. I think it has taught me the fundamental truth that our ultimate ‘mission leader’ is the Lord himself. In a very modest way our mission is to associate ourselves with the coming of His kingdom on heaven and earth. While fully conscious of our shortcomings, we do not excuse ourselves from commitment simply because of our human limitations."

FE Student - 2019 (CPMM)

"[I enjoyed the] open discussion [at the study day] and willingness of everyone to participate..."

FE Student - September 2018 (CPMM, Glasgow)

"[I'm enthused by] the common goal of fellow parishioners to take part in nurturing and sharing our faith within our parish. I have the intention to use the webinars and Moodle."

FE Student - September 2018 (CPMM, Glasgow)

"[There was] a good mixture of topical discussion on current issues, plus module–related slides."

FE Student - September 2018 (CPMM, Glasgow)

"[I] found it [the study day] very encouraging – renewed determination. Thank you very much indeed. Talk was very relaxed and easy to follow. The most relaxed I have felt since starting the course."

FE Student - September 2018 (CPMM, Glasgow)

"Listening to the tutor – she reinforces my faith and belief system – so seldom do you hear people speaking with authority. Good to hear where others are at and how they have been coping with the work. ... I like the way with each module the course is opening up and developing in a clear structured way."

FE Student - August 2018 (CPMM, Paisley)

"Very good course and would like to see the course rolled out to others."

FE Student - August 2018 (CPMM, Paisley)

"Good to catch up with fellow students. Good to hear how everyone progressing with course and sharing information. I am enjoying the course. Webinars and study days are very beneficial"

FE Student - August 2018 (CPMM, Paisley)

"The friendliness and openness of the students in their sharing of the course work and their external experiences and visions to take the faith further in their parishes in the future."

FE Student - August 2018 (CPMM, Paisley)

"[I] enjoyed all aspects. Small group worked well for good interaction and sharing of ideas. Very supportive and food for thought day."

FE Student - August 2018 (CPMM, Paisley)

"[I most enjoyed] communicating with everyone; hearing all everyone’ thoughts and ideas. ... I think that it is excellent that from this course we may find ourselves doing worthwhile work in the diocese and parish."

FE Student - August 2018 (CPMM, Paisley)

"I have found the views and insights of others very useful and interesting. It has re-focused me on the reasons why I have started this course."

FE Student - August 2018 (CPMM, Paisley)

"I think most of the points I had have been addressed during the day, which has been very helpful, especially regarding the format of the module. I find the module one format easy to study in the way it was broken down and summarised at the end of each chapter."

FE Student - August 2018 (CPMM, Paisley)

Comments from FE Retreat Day (July 2018)

  • "Loved all of the retreat, thank you for organising it. Praying with clay was sensational – delivered so expertly. It was deeply prayerful and surprised me how creative God ennobled me to be. I would love a whole day on this. The hand massage was relaxing, delivered by kind and gentle expert practitioners. Mass was beautiful. Thank you for delicious home-made food too.”
  • "I finished MCC last year and would highly recommend it to others. I’m considering Health Care Chaplaincy"
  • "Loved the time to pray and loved the clay prayer and also the message: 'Talking to other students'. Both my friends and I were happy with all of the day. The one to one is valuable, also the webinars are fantastic."
  • "Wow, what an amazing experience! Lovely welcome, then taking part in the clay/prayer. Not what you make, but the feelings and revelations it gives you. Fantastic lunch, thank you sisters. Free time to pray and talk. Wonderful foot massage – a real crowning day. Time with the Lord & Benediction. What more could we ask? When is the next one?"
  • "Both sessions were excellent. They were both peaceful and I feel calm and at peace and very relaxed. Thank you for all the information I had about the MCC assignment. It has given me hope to continue and finished the assignment."

FE Students - July 2018

"[Today, I most enjoyed] sharing thoughts and ideas with other course mates, as well as Mass inclusion in the study day program."

FE Student - March 2018 (CPMM, Portsmouth)

"The whole day has been really positive and really encouraging. I have really enjoyed today. You are very inspirational and great at motivating us."

FE Student - February 2018 (CPMM, Galloway)

"[The best part of the study day was the] opportunity to get together and share ideas, hopes and points. It was especially lovely to meet the students who have just graduated and build an even bigger network."

FE Student - January 2018 (CPMM, Edinburgh)

"[The most positive part of the study day was that] I feel more relieved about the study and assignments. I now know I can get support anytime."

FE Student - January 2018 (CPMM, Edinburgh)

"It was great to meet up with fellow students. The reassurance from the teacher that it’s not that daunting to get stuck in and just do it. Attending Mass with those who have completed the course was very uplifting. Excellent venue for study day plenty of support available."

FE Student - January 2018 (CPMM, Edinburgh)

"[The best part of the day] had to be the Mass and the joy of seeing the previous year’s students graduate. The thoughts I already have of what we can achieve. It was great, the lecturer made us feel so relaxed and welcome. Nice and informal and welcoming a great start to this journey."

FE Student - January 2018 (CPMM, Edinburgh)
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