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Develop your faith for the sake of explaining it to others

Maryvale Certificate in Catechesis (MCC)

The Maryvale Certificate in Catechesis course commences at Maryvale every autumn, but is also offered in various other venues during the course of the year. With the authority of the bishops, it is being used for the training of catechists for dioceses in England, Ireland, Belarus, Singapore and Africa currently, and has been in Scotland, Norway, UAE, and the USA.

Who is the programme aimed at?

The MCC course is open to any adult who would like to deepen their knowledge and understanding of their faith so that they can confidently hand it on to others, either formally as catechists or informally as parishioners.

What are the entry requirements?

Open access

How long is the programme?

This is a two-year, part-time, distance-learning course.

When is the next enrolment?

The course starts at Maryvale each autumn and at other centres at different times of the year.

Programme information (content & structure)

This two-year course draws from the Scriptures, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and selected documents of the Second Vatican Council as key reference texts, offering a balance of theology, spirituality, and catechetical skills.

Eight modules are studied either over two years, or as two discrete stages (Part I and Part II) which can take longer:

Year 1 (Part I)
  • Formation in Faith
  • Jesus the Christ
  • Introduction to Church History
  • The Church
Year 2 (Part II)
  • Sacred Scripture
  • Liturgy & Sacraments
  • Life in Christ: Catholic Moral Teaching
  • Ways of Praying

FE Programme Specifications

**In response to restrictions imposed and uncertainties raised by Covid-19, Maryvale Institute will conduct all study days online until 31 July 2021 in the first instance. The situation will be monitored and reviewed regularly for course delivery after this time.**


A written assignment is submitted for each module, comprising of a short essay and an outline plan for a catechesis session.

Resources needed

  • A Bible
  • The Catechism of the Catholic Church
  • Access to the Documents of Vatican II

Course Fees

The level of course fees payable depends on whether you are a UK/EU or a non-EU student. Please ensure that you refer to the appropriate section on the course fees page.

How do I apply?

Applications are welcome at any time of year. To apply, download the application form.

MCC Flyer


If you have a disability or any long-term condition that impacts on your day-to-day life, please download the Accessibility Form, open and edit it in Acrobat Reader, and email or post the completed document to the Accessibility Coordinator (address included on the form), to ensure we can give you the best possible support during your course of study. Disclosing a disability will not be a factor in Institute’s decision as to whether or not to offer you a place on the course. However, it is important that the Institute knows if you have any specialist needs in order to provide you with appropriate support and facilities. This information will remain strictly confidential. For further information, please contact the Accessibility Coordinator by using the contact button below:

For further information

Please contact us either by making an online enquiry below or by calling 0121 3608118.

Student Feedback

"I have learnt so much! You have no idea the impact the course had on my faith, my marriage and my life in general! I never thought I would love the module on Mary as much as I did, she was definitely keeping an eye on me as I was writing. I was able to talk about the Assumption at our prayer meeting last night, which is a first for me...I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support. I can see you put your heart and soul into everything. No doubt we will be in touch about going forward. We will see how long we last without studying!!"

FE Student - 2019 (MCC - Galway)

"It is almost 12 months since I finished the Certificate in Catechesis course. I have been thinking a lot over the past few weeks about just how much my life has changed over the past 3 years in a way that I could never have imagined.

I started the programme because I wanted to find out more about my faith, to have the answers to all the questions that I had never asked as an adult. What I didn’t really expect was that, along with the “theoretical” knowledge that I gained, I would begin to truly understand the importance of my relationship with Christ - all the knowledge that I had thought was key. I have learned so much and yet I certainly don’t have the answers to all my questions; what I do have now is a much deeper understanding of the importance of developing a prayer life and of the joy of the Liturgy. I have gained from reading more widely, I spend time with the daily readings and can begin to see the poetry of the Old Testament, as well as how it points and links to the NT. I am slowly learning that it’s not important to know it all, but I am learning to trust in the Lord to show me what he wants for me.

I just wanted to thank you personally so much for opening these doors for me for your dedication to spreading the Words of the Gospel; by this you have enabled me to start to humbly scatter the seeds, and trust that the Holy Spirit will take on the role of changing the world."

FE Student - 2019 (MCC)

"The course has given me confidence to speak to others on the core tenets of our belief. It has provided me with a structure and it has revealed to me how much I have to learn. This is not in an academic sense, but more learning to love God more deeply, involving all my mind and all my heart. My Catholic faith has been deepened. I would encourage anybody to take the course - if I occasionally found the assignments trying this was entirely my fault - taking myself too seriously and carrying with me too much of the burden of an excellent secular education. Thank you for all your encouragement and support."

FE Student - 2019 (MCC)

"[I appreciate the] reassurance from the Course director re. essays and her positivity is excellent. Great to know we can email the FE director any time if we are struggling. All questions we had were answered. Study days are important to gain support from both the lecturer and other students."

FE Student - April 2019 (MCC Galway)

"This course has helped me to develop my relationship with Jesus more deeply and to realise the beauty of our faith. The world hungers for love, manifested in Christ and this course facilitates me to love Jesus more and more and hopefully echo His love to others. Now in 2nd year finding it a bit easier and it’s all becoming clearer now. I understand church teaching more now and have fallen in love with mother Church."

FE Student - April 2019 (MCC Galway)

"I always find the teaching style so positive and informative. Thank you to the tutor for your help and support; you and your team have made the course enjoyable and do-able. I’m delighted to be completing the course (the Holy Spirit has been working overtime!) I can’t think of any questions I’ve had that haven't been successfully solved with available tools/information/help."

FE Student - April 2019 (MCC Galway)

"Thank you. I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and learned so much. I feel better equipped to explain and defend my beliefs, with a renewed commitment to the Church and her teaching. Sacred scripture and the church Liturgy have come alive for me. The crucifix is now a symbol of God’s love rather than a symbol of punishment (a huge shift!) I’m comfortable calling Jesus “Christ” now that I understand the importance of the title. That’s growth (and there’s so much more!)."

FE Student - April 2019 (MCC Galway)

"The instructors were reassuring. It was like a breath of fresh air to hear from the teachers/admin @ Maryvale. Thankful that lecturers make time out to come out so far to meet the students."

FE Student - November 2018 (MCC Singapore)

"Very upbeat and positive session, warm and welcoming. Incredibly informative. I feel confident going forward now into the studying and essays. It was good to also have the input of the tutors."

FE Student - October 2018 (MCC Portsmouth)

"Thorough explanation of content. Inspiring content and visuals. Personal experiences shared by facilitator and members of group. Mass."

FE Student - October 2018 (MCC Portsmouth)

"The tutor’s enthusiasm and total belief in the Maryvale courses, and equipping us to study, I feel very motivated."

FE Student - October 2018 (MCC Portsmouth)

"Presenters are very positive, energetic, audible voice and able to deliver the message clearly. Presenters gave ample assurance and encouragement for the written work."

FE Student - October 2018 (MCC Portsmouth)

"The presentation was very interesting – helped to understand the Old Testament/breakdown – which I previously felt overwhelming..."

FE Student - September 2018 (MCC Galway)

"Presentation clear and reassuring. Flexibility of working deadlines suits. Meeting other students. Resources inspiring eg prayer slides, Artwork/music at beginnings."

FE Student - September 2018 (MCC Maryvale)

"[I appreciated] the way Marie broke down the course so easy for us to understand. The welcome was very nice. The Mass helped us (me) to be in communion with myself. Carry on the good work!"

FE Student - September 2018 (MCC Maryvale)

"Very informative, covered what is required; additional support; study at your own pace; nice to meet other students."

FE Student - September 2018 (MCC Maryvale)

"The opportunity to meet new people and have some very interesting discussion and thoughtful sharing. Very happy that the number of assignments has been reduced, as that will benefit me while working full time."

FE Student - September 2018 (MCC Maryvale)

"Today was a great day , very positive, ... I want to finish this course so I can help out in my parish."

FE Student - September 2018 (MCC Ardagh)

"Today was a very positive day. Marie encouraged everybody to give feedback to the class on how people were feeling. This was very helpful as people felt that they were not alone. Ready to start 2nd year enthusiastic and ready...Thank you Marie for being a ‘candle’ in the dark."

FE Student - September 2018 (MCC Ardagh)

Comments from FE Retreat Day (July 2018)

  • "Loved all of the retreat, thank you for organising it. Praying with clay was sensational – delivered so expertly. It was deeply prayerful and surprised me how creative God ennobled me to be. I would love a whole day on this. The hand massage was relaxing, delivered by kind and gentle expert practitioners. Mass was beautiful. Thank you for delicious home-made food too.”
  • "I finished MCC last year and would highly recommend it to others. I’m considering Health Care Chaplaincy"
  • "Loved the time to pray and loved the clay prayer and also the message: 'Talking to other students'. Both my friends and I were happy with all of the day. The one to one is valuable, also the webinars are fantastic."
  • "Wow, what an amazing experience! Lovely welcome, then taking part in the clay/prayer. Not what you make, but the feelings and revelations it gives you. Fantastic lunch, thank you sisters. Free time to pray and talk. Wonderful foot massage – a real crowning day. Time with the Lord & Benediction. What more could we ask? When is the next one?"
  • "Both sessions were excellent. They were both peaceful and I feel calm and at peace and very relaxed. Thank you for all the information I had about the MCC assignment. It has given me hope to continue and finished the assignment."

FE Students - July 2018
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