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Develop your faith for the sake of explaining it to others

Maryvale Certificate in Catechesis (MCC)

This course commences at Maryvale every autumn, but is also offered in various other venues during the course of the year. With the authority of the bishops, it is being used for the training of catechists for dioceses in England, Ireland, and Africa currently, and has been in Scotland, Norway, UAE, and the USA.

Who is the programme aimed at?

The MCC course is for anyone interested in developing his or her own faith for the sake of explaining it to others. The course includes practical aspects of catechesis, as well as a solid foundation in key areas of theology and spirituality, so theory is reflected in practice throughout the course.

What are the entry requirements?

Open access

How long is the programme?

This is a two-year, part-time, distance-learning course.

When is the next enrolment?

The course starts at Maryvale each autumn and at other centres at different times of the year.

Programme information (content & structure)

This two-year course draws from the Scriptures, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and selected documents of the Second Vatican Council as key reference texts, offering a balance of theology, spirituality, and catechetical teaching skills.

Twelve modules are studied over two years:

Year 1
  • Introduction to Catechesis
  • Foundations of Faith
  • Jesus the Christ
  • Methods of Teaching
  • The Church
  • Ways of Praying
Year 2
  • Old Testament
  • New Testament
  • Liturgy and Sacraments A & B
  • Life in Christ
  • Mary in the Mystery of Christ and the Church


A written assignment is submitted for each module, comprising of a short essay and an outline plan for a catechesis session.

Resources needed

  • A Bible
  • The Catechism of the Catholic Church
  • Access to the Documents of Vatican II

How do I apply?

Applications are welcome at any time of year. To apply, download the application form here.

Disability support

If you have a disability or any long-term condition that impacts on your day-to-day life, please download the Disability Support Form here and email it or post this to the Disability Support Coordinator (address included on the form), to ensure we can give you the best possible support during your course of study. Disclosing a disability will not be a factor in Institute’s decision as to whether or not to offer you a place on the course. However, it is important that the Institute knows if you have any specialist needs in order to provide you with appropriate support and facilities. This information will remain strictly confidential. For further information, please contact the Disability Support Coordinator by using the contact button below:

For further information

Please contact us either by making an online enquiry below or by calling 0121 3608118.

Student Feedback

"I gained lots of insight into knowledge on my subject. [I enjoyed] meeting other students. Beautiful dinner from the sisters. Enjoyed Mass in the Chapel."

FE Student - February 2018 (MCC Maryvale)

"[I gained most from] the co-ordination of knowledge and ideas making sense of theology and history. A thorough treatment."

FE Student - February 2018 (MCC Maryvale)

"The reassurance that we are all in the ‘same boat’ gives me the confidence to relax and try and get more out of the course (i.e it’s not all about the assignment). Very happy with the course so far."

FE Student - January 2018 (MCC Ardagh)

"The presentation and notes supplied were both excellent. Marie was fantastic and her presentation of content was very helpful, and made it seem achievable. The course books and study days, combined with extra study days in Longford all together, make it seem achievable."

FE Student - January 2018 (MCC Ardagh)

"Great presentation of the booklets by Marie. I have come away with the feeling that I am going to be able to complete my assignments. The day was useful in that it allows us to share our ideas….Course books are very well set out. In doing and completing assignments, I know that support is there should I need it."

FE Student - January 2018 (MCC Ardagh)

"The explanation about Christology was done in an understandable manner. Loved the images of Christ – very inspiring - and the hymn … great support!"

FE Student - January 2018 (MCC Ardagh)

"This was a really lovely study day and beautifully presented by Fr. Eddie. I found the material very interesting and very clearly and concisely presented. The best history lecture I have been to in a long time and with an authoritative gentleness and knowledge: I love it!"

FE Student - January 2018 (MCC Cork)

"Fr Eddie was very interesting and easy to listen to…. Plenty of time for interaction during the talk. A smaller group made it easier to interact with others – get to communicate with others. It was a very good day…would love Fr. Eddie to come back again."

FE Student - January 2018 (MCC Cork)

"Fr. Eddie’s love of the Bible…was really felt by many of us. He has passed on something special to me. An enjoyable and prayerful day; refreshing. Room was comfortable and a friendly atmosphere…"

FE Student - January 2018 (MCC Cork)

"Lovely, relaxed positive atmosphere and good opportunities for group sharing & Q&As. Room was lovely and warm. Mass was lovely and meaningful. Thank you Fr Eddie & Fr Charlie."

FE Student - January 2018 (MCC Cork)

"[I gained] Greater biblical insight, thorough Fr. Eddie’s engaging delivery."

FE Student - January 2018 (MCC Cork)

"All very positive; Fr Eddie gave very interesting and interactive talks. Very open to questions and answers."

FE Student - January 2018 (MCC Cork)

"I found Fr Eddie very knowledgeable and approachable. I found the [study] day very helpful and beneficial to my study."

FE Student - January 2018 (MCC Cork)

"It was a fantastic enlightening [study] day and the way Fr. Eddy brought us into the Bible."

FE Student - January 2018 (MCC Cork)

"Excellent delivery of content of course book. Interesting clips and video. Glad to hear that we do not need to rush to finish all the essays in the 2 years."

FE Student - January 2018 (MCC Galway)
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