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Oven Appeal Reaches Its Target!

Bridgettine Oven Appeal - Thank You!

Bridgettines Oven

We're delighted to announce that the Oven Appeal for our Bridgettines has reached its goal and a replacement oven has been bought and installed in the Sisters' main kitchen at Maryvale. Following the installation, Fr Edward Clare blessed the oven and over the last few weeks, BDiv and FE students have been among the first to have benefited from their meals being prepared on the new stove.

Also, the Bridgettines are already feeling the positive effects of working with an oven that is at counter-height. Mother Jaya, speaking on behalf of all of the Sisters at Maryvale, "wishes to express our heartfelt thanks to all those who helped us to obtain the oven that was donated. We are glad to say that our heavy cooking is going very smoothly. We appreciate your generosity and all of you will be remembered in our daily prayers. A big thanks to one and all!"

Our deepest thanks go to all who organised and contributed to the appeal, including:

  • The Friends of Maryvale for setting up and running the initiative
  • The Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem
  • Recent BDiv Graduate, Jitto David Chittapalli for running the London Marathon in aid of the appeal
  • St Denis' Primary School, Glasgow, for their no-uniform day fundraiser
  • St Augustine's Parish, Solihull
  • All who attended and performed at the Fr Francis Maple Concerts
  • All who took part in the fundraising quizzes
  • Along with all visitors and students to Maryvale who took the time to donate.

Bridgettines Oven

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