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Maryvales bookshop stocks a wide range of relevant texts and study books

Welcome to Maryvale Bookshop

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Books for study, research and wider general interest are a primary resource for all students, so Maryvale provides a bookshop which stocks a wide range of theological, philosophical and liturgical texts relevant to Maryvale courses. Apart from the books which are of immediate use for coursework the bookshop holds a generous selection of other religious works including bibles, missals, papal documents, lives of saints, devotional material and CDs and DVDs

In addition we have a good supply of second hand books which have been given to Maryvale for re-use by students and which are on sale at affordable prices.

We now also stock a range of Maryvale merchandise including bags, hoodies, pens, plaques and scarves.

The bookshop is open at convenient times during every residential period.

Books can be ordered by 'phone: Ask for 'bookshop' on 0121 360 8118.

Payment can be made by 'phone using most credit/debit cards, by cheque through the post, or by cheque, cash or card in person at Maryvale.

To email the bookshop use the contact form on the Contact Page and use the Administration Enquiries contact form, selecting "Bookshop" from the recipient list.

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