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The Maryvale Sessions were broadcast on Radio Maria England during Autumn 2023 when, beginning with Dr Tamra Fromm on 30 October, Maryvale academics discussed a range of topics for the station's Credo series. Dr Fromm was followed by Rev Dr Michael Cullinan, Professor Mary Mills, Dcn Dr Harry Schnitker Obl.O.Ss.S., Dr Catherine Knowles with B.Divinity graduate Lee Price

During each episode of Credo, speakers share topics of “Giving our heart to Jesus”. This may be through prayer, through service or through mission. Speakers come from a variety of vocations and share how they live out the Creed through their lives.

Each recording is now available through Spotify via links below:

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Radio Maria England, based in Cambridge, is a Christian voice in your home, broadcasting Christian music, prayer and teaching, on digital radio (in Cambridge and London) and online.

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