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Conference Receives Papal Blessing

Archbishop's Statement on Maryvale House

21st May 2021

Papal Blessing on Maryvale Conference

Archbishop Bernard Longley:

"The Archdiocese of Birmingham has announced it is considering options for the future of Maryvale House, a listed building which is in great need of renovation.

The Archdiocese strongly supports the Maryvale Institute. It is important to state that the situation at Maryvale House has no direct bearing on the viability and future of the Institute. The Archdiocese will ensure that the Maryvale Institute has suitable accommodation as it discerns how best to resolve the needs of Maryvale House.

Statement from Maryvale Institute:

As the Archdiocese of Birmingham has announced, it is considering options for the future of Maryvale House. There had been plans for it to become a Diocesan hub but the building has turned out to require a great deal of expensive renovation which the Diocese cannot afford in the present period of financial stringency. Sadly, this has meant that the Bridgettine sisters who have contributed so much to the Institute will shortly be leaving to work in other houses of their Order.

The Archdiocese has clearly stated publicly that it strongly supports Maryvale Institute and that the discussions about Maryvale House have no bearing on the Institute’s viability and future, and we are all very grateful to the Archbishop for such a clear commitment.

The Institute will therefore continue to work online as it has so successfully for the last year, recruiting and educating students as usual. At the same time there will be a search for suitable accommodation consistent with its wish to return to some element of residential teaching as soon as possible. All Maryvale staff remain absolutely committed to teaching our students so that they receive the best possible education.

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