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“ I want a laity ...who know their religion...
  who know just where they stand...
  who know their creed so well that they
  can give an account of it. I want an
  intelligent, well-instructed laity. ”
    ...Blessed John Henry Newman

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“ These have been the most
  informative and enjoyable lectures
  I have experienced in a long life
  of attending lectures. ”
  ... BDiv Student

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“  Your formation will lead you
  to share your faith and bring
  others to experience the
  great mysteries you have tried
  to penetrate in your study, ”

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“ Maryvale has pioneered distance
   learning at pre-graduate and
   post-graduate level for many who
   would not otherwise be able to afford
   or maintain a course of study. ”

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“ Be encouraged to cast out further
  into the theological deep, so you will also
  realise the openness and infinite nature
  of your call to study and be formed
  by the very Person you seek to study ”
  ...Bishop Robson

Over 30 years' experience of providing global distance learning opportunities

To study at Maryvale or use our facilities telephone: +44 (0)121 360 8118

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Explore a wide range of adult formation courses catering for all levels available from Maryvale. There are 4 sections ranging from Further Education, Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels, to Research Studies...
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Once home to Blessed John Henry Newman, Maryvale Institute is an international Catholic college, located at the heart of the Archdiocese of Birmingham (UK), which offers distance-learning courses to students all over the world.
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