Ecclesiastical Licence in Catechetics

The Ecclesiastical Licence in Catechetics is a qualification of the Holy See and is a new award offered by the Maryvale Institute from January 2012.

It is intended for those in leadership positions in catechetics and in other positions of responsibility. For example, the Licence is especially suited to:

  • those in diocesan positions of catechetics or adult faith formation
  • those involved in the creation, or oversight, of catechetical resources
  • those involved in work related to the new evangelization
  • those in Catholic chaplaincy or Catholic school leadership positions

Structure and content

Admission to the Licence programme is available for all those who have the Ecclesiastical B.Divinity, or an equivalent qualification. To gain the Licence, students first complete an Master of Arts in Religious Education and Catechesis at the Institute and additionally take three specialist modules in which they study:

  • A classic text in the area of catechetics taken from a selection offered
  • A key figure in the area of catechetics
  • A contemporary debate in catechetics

Three residential weekends at the Institute support these three modules of study. In the final six months of the three and a half year programme, a dissertation, of 20,000 words, is focused in the area of catechetics.

The Licence programme consists of three and a half years of part-time study. The intermediate UK awards of Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma and MA are available within this programme. On completion of the programme, students gain a UK Masters degree as well as the Ecclesiastical Licence.

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