Catholic Truth Society

The Catholic Truth Society (CTS) exists as the result of the efforts of two remarkable men: Cardinal Herbert Vaughan and James Britten. Founded in London in 1868 the Society has become renowned as a publisher of utterly reliable information about the Catholic faith. The Society is a registered Charity with its activities governed by a Board of Trustees. Its President is the Archbishop of Westminster, its Chairman the Most Rev Peter Smith, Archbishop of Cardiff. The present General Secretary, Fergal Martin, directs the Society with dynamic vision and inspiration, and has collaborated with Maryvale in publishing Echoes, the parish-based resource for handing on the faith, now used in several English-speaking countries.

The Society carries out its work thanks to the generosity of Catholics around the world and is famous for its popular and inexpensive leaflets and booklets on almost every aspect of the Catholic faith and for its activities as‘Publisher to the Holy See’. A unique relationship has been established with Maryvale, built around the texts of the magisterium upon which all of Maryvale’s courses are based. The CTS faithfully keeps these texts in print, committed, like Maryvale, to the dissemination and accessibility of the Church’s teaching. Members of Maryvale’s permanent and associate staff are also writers for CTS. The Catholic Truth Society also distributes the catechetical journal published by Maryvale, The Sower, and is in collaboration with Maryvale again for the publication of another parish-based resource on The Lord’s Prayer in the Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

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