Bridgettine Sisters.

In keeping with the Monastic tradition, the Bridgettine sisters'  chief obligation is liturgical prayer, the regular daily Divine Office. The sisters take part daily in Holy Mass and there is Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament every day. Central to the sisters' work is the "Guest House" which is part of the activity of Bridgettine sisters. The sisters welcome to their house all who seek stillness and quiet. The sisters' "Hospitality" is an answer to the needs of many pilgrims. The Bridgettine Order has a special mission in furthering ecumenical work and the sisters are happy to receive guests from other churches and study visits from schools or other groups. They also arrange meetings and retreats.

The Bridgettine sisters are established in three continents, in 45 houses. In all these countries there is growing interest in ecumenism. Chiefly through prayer but also action, the sisters share in the missionary wok of the Church, in co-operation with the needs of the local Church. The sisters teach catechism, run nursery schools, care for the sick, and provide homes for students and old people.

Since 2008 the Bridgettine Sisters offer their unique hospitality to visitors and pilgrims to the ancient shrine of Winifride's Well, Holywell, Flintshire. For more information click here.

Iver Heath, a few miles out of London in Buckinghamshire, was the first foundation of the new branch of the Bridgettine Order in the UK and has been a house of prayer and provided hospitality since 1931. For more information click here.

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